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Religious Expression Laws

Law on Belief and Religion (2016)

This law regulates religious activities in Vietnam and affirms the right to freedom of belief and religion. It sets forth procedures for the establishment, operation, and dissolution of religious organizations. The law also addresses issues such as religious activities in public places, religious education, and religious practices in private life.

Ordinance on the Implementation of the Law on Belief and Religion (2017)

This ordinance provides detailed guidelines for the implementation of the Law on Belief and Religion. It clarifies procedures and requirements for registration, certification, and activities of religious organizations. The ordinance aims to ensure compliance with the law and facilitate the functioning of religious organizations within the legal framework.

Law on Land (2013)

This law governs land ownership and use in Vietnam, including religious land. It establishes regulations regarding the ownership, transfer, and use of land by religious organizations. The law outlines procedures for acquiring land for religious purposes and addresses issues related to compensation and land disputes involving religious institutions.

Decree on Religious Activities (2018)

This decree provides detailed regulations on religious activities in Vietnam. It covers various aspects, including religious meetings, ceremonies, festivals, and pilgrimages. The decree outlines requirements for organizing and conducting religious activities, ensuring public order, and preventing religious extremism. It also addresses issues related to the distribution of religious literature and the use of electronic media for religious purposes.

Decree on Religious Practices in Family Life (2013)

This decree regulates religious practices within family life. It affirms the right of individuals and families to practice their religion in their private space. The decree emphasizes the importance of respecting the freedom of belief and religion within the family while maintaining social harmony and cohesion.

Decree on Foreigners' Religious Activities in Vietnam (2012)

This decree regulates the religious activities of foreigners in Vietnam. It sets forth requirements and procedures for foreign individuals or organizations engaging in religious activities. The decree aims to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with Vietnamese laws and regulations by foreign missionaries and religious organizations operating in the country.

Circular on the Registration of Religious Organizations (2018)

This circular provides guidelines for the registration of religious organizations in Vietnam. It specifies the required documents, procedures, and timelines for registration. The circular aims to streamline the registration process and ensure transparency and consistency in the registration of religious organizations.

Law on State Compensation Liability (2003)

This law governs the compensation for damages caused by state agencies, including religious organizations. It establishes procedures and criteria for individuals or organizations to seek compensation for any harm or loss resulting from the actions or omissions of state agencies, including religious bodies. The law aims to ensure accountability and fairness in cases where individuals or religious organizations have suffered harm due to the actions of the state.

Law on Religious Affairs (2004)

This law provides regulations on the organization and operation of religious affairs in Vietnam. It outlines the responsibilities of state agencies in managing religious activities and sets forth procedures for the recognition and registration of religious organizations. The law aims to strike a balance between maintaining social order and harmony and guaranteeing the freedom of belief and religious practice.

Decree on Management and Use of Religious Assets (2018)

This decree regulates the management and use of religious assets, including properties owned by religious organizations. It establishes guidelines for the maintenance, renovation, and transfer of religious properties. The decree aims to ensure the proper management and preservation of religious assets while preventing their misuse or unauthorized disposal.

Circular on Religious Printing and Distribution (2005)

This circular provides guidelines for the printing and distribution of religious publications in Vietnam. It sets forth procedures and requirements for obtaining permits to print and distribute religious literature. The circular aims to regulate the dissemination of religious materials to ensure compliance with laws and prevent the spread of materials deemed to be harmful or extremist.

Decree on Religious Festivals and Ceremonies (2005)

This decree governs the organization and conduct of religious festivals and ceremonies in Vietnam. It establishes procedures for obtaining permits and ensures public safety and order during religious gatherings and celebrations. The decree aims to regulate the public expression of religion during festivals and ceremonies while maintaining social harmony and security.

Decree on the Exercise of Religion by Ethnic Minorities (2005)

This decree specifically addresses the exercise of religion by ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. It acknowledges the unique cultural and religious practices of ethnic minority communities and provides guidelines for the protection and promotion of their religious rights. The decree aims to preserve the cultural heritage and traditional beliefs of ethnic minorities while ensuring their integration within the broader society.

Law on Prevention and Control of Religious Extremism (2016)

This law aims to prevent and control religious extremism in Vietnam. It establishes measures to identify, monitor, and address activities that promote extremist ideologies or incite violence in the name of religion. The law provides legal mechanisms to combat religious extremism while safeguarding the freedom of belief and religion.

Decree on Foreign Religious Workers (2012)

This decree regulates the activities of foreign religious workers in Vietnam. It sets forth requirements and procedures for foreign individuals to work as religious practitioners or missionaries in the country. The decree aims to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to Vietnamese laws by foreign religious workers.

Ordinance on the Handling of Administrative Violations (2012)

This ordinance provides a framework for dealing with administrative violations, including those related to religious activities. It specifies the types of violations, applicable penalties, and procedures for handling administrative offenses related to religious expression. The ordinance aims to enforce compliance with regulations on religious activities and maintain social order and stability.


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