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Basic Calling Information

Area Codes and Local Numbers

  • Area code + local number in Vietnam totals nine to 10 digits.
  • Area codes in Vietnam are one to three digits.
  • Local numbers in Vietnam contain seven or eight digits.
  • When dialing between cities within Vietnam, dial the Domestic Access Code ("0") before the area code. Do not dial this access code when calling from another country.

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phone numbers in Vietnam contain nine to 10 digits. The first two or three digits signify the cellular network to which the number belongs.
  • When dialing mobile phone numbers within Vietnam, dial the Domestic Access Code ("0") before the area code. Do not dial this access code when calling from another country.

Special Numbers and Services

  • Toll-free numbers start with the prefix "1-800."
  • Premium numbers start with the prefix "1-900." This type of service is not as prevalent as it is in the United States. These numbers are used to provide social and economic information and consultation on numerous topics, e.g., psychology, drug addiction, employment etc.
  • Subscribers in Vietnam can sign up for the following services: call forwarding, call identification, conference calling, voice-mail, call waiting, call only/receive only, and automatic alarm.

Online Directory

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Dialing Codes
Code Type Definition Code
Country Calling Code Code to call Vietnam from another country 84
International Direct Dialing Code (IDD) Prefix to make an international call from Vietnam 00
Domestic Access Code (DAC) Prefix to make a call between cities in Vietnam 0

Calling Examples
International Calls To
Calls Within
International Calls
From Vietnam
Dial your country's IDD + country code for Vietnam + area code in Vietnam + local number Local: Dial the local number
Long distance: Dial the DAC for Vietnam + area code + local number
Dial the IDD for Vietnam + country code of country being dialed + area code (or mobile phone prefix) + local number
Example of an international call from the US to Hanoi, Vietnam:
011 + [84] + (4) + local number
Example of a long distance call from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City:
0 + (8) + local number
Example of an international call from Vietnam to San Francisco, US:
00 + [1] + (415) + local number

Source: International Telecommunications Union


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