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E-Commerce Marketplaces

E-commerce marketplaces are e-commerce stores that offer products and/or services from multiple third parties and where transactions are processed by the marketplace operator for a fee. Some e-commerce marketplaces also provide local stocking and shipping services. It is estimated that 50 percent of worldwide e-commerce transactions occur in such marketplaces.

Why Are Local E-Commerce Marketplaces Important?

Local country marketplaces provide merchants with a number of advantages, including:

  • Significant exposure in individual country markets
  • Trusted reputation in local markets
  • Access to local country payment gateways
  • Dynamic local currency pricing
  • Well-established mechanism for getting paid
  • Ability to serve niche markets
Leading E-Commerce Marketplaces for Vietnam
Name URL Description Logo
Lazada One of Southeast Asia's largest e-commerce websites, Lazada is available in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The site brings together the region's top retailers to offer its users a convenient shopping experience. Categories of available goods include clothing and accessories, health and beauty products, electronics, food and beverages, automotive, toys, and others.
ebay This US-based marketplace is best known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales. It's also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. Ebay has over 167 million active users and a huge worldwide presence, operating in 17 countries, and features numerous programs to help international sellers. Its retail emphasis is on electronics, fashion, furniture, tools, sporting goods, health and beauty products, motor vehicles, toys, and much more.
Ubuy A multi-national e-commerce website, Ubuy is available in more than 90 countries around the world. Shoppers can find millions of new items in categories such as electronics, health and beauty products, automotive, pet supplies, home goods, musical instruments, tools, household appliances, books, and others.
Shopee A leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Shopee brings together the region's sellers and buyers. Shoppers can find the top brands of clothing and accessories, footwear, health and beauty products, food and beverages, jewelry and watches, toys, electronics, and home goods. Aspiring to be Vietnam's Amazon, is a business-to-consumer e-commerce company. Its brings together many brands of goods to provide its users with a convenient shopping experience. Categories include clothing, footwear, electronics, food, health and beauty products, sporting equipment, appliances, and housewares, among others. 

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